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Fucked for Another Four Years

It's 07.05 CET in Stockholm, and I am ready to call this election.

I forecast Bush will get 274 Electoral Votes -- 4 more than he needs to win the White House for another 4 years. This is because Bush won Florida, Ohio, and will likely win New Mexico and Alaska late into the evening. Making it statistically impossible for Kerry to get more than 260 Electoral Votes -- even if all of the other states vote for him as projected.

This is shitty news. Sad news really. If you thought that the first four years were shitty -- baby, you ain't seen nothing yet! This will be the term when justices retire, the courts become more conservative, and the expansion of the US Patriot Act and other laws which limit personal freedoms ramp up into high gear.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get the Crisco...we are fucked!

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