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On the way to Boston

SobI am on the flight to Boston now. As I was leaving Stockholm, there was a lot of much that I almost missed my flight. But I had just enough time to get 2 bottles of Cristal from Duty Free in Stockholm. I am saving them for a special occasion. I now have three bottles. And the bottle of Dom Perignon. And an expensive bottle of Veuve. I am a slob.

Anyway, on the flight there was a Kenyan man who sat next to me. He had no regard for anyone around him. He was rude to the flight attendants and other passengers, shouting out orders to flight attendants 10 meters away.I asked him not to talk to me.

Made it into London to catch the connecting flight with only a few minutes to spare. I would have had more time if I didn't stop at the Virgin Megastore to get those Hed Kandi CDs (lol...), but now I am on the plane and getting sleepy, so I will take a nap. Ciao everyone.
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