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Thanksgiving in Review

So this is my first full day back in Sweden after going back to the US. I have to say that this trip was more fun, more strange, more exciting, more everything than last time.

When I arrived on Tuesday, 23 November, I had a series of medical appointments which I had to attend. Got those out of the way and that was good. Did some relaxing and sleeping. On Wednesday, went around and did all of the errands that I never get a chance to do because I put them off until the last minute. On Thursday, spent the day with my family. On Friday, flew down to Atlanta and had a great weekend. A strange weekend. But so much fun that I was sad to leave on Sunday. On Sunday, weather delayed my ability to get make my flight back to Stockholm via London, so American Airlines put me up in a hotel and gave me money for food.

Took the flight the next day out and got back on Tuesday. Good stuff. Good vacation. Now I need a vacation from my vacation! :)
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