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My Telecommunications Are Now Unified

Whatever the fuck that means.

Basically, I bought a service called Ring Central, which gives me an toll free number that can be used to contact me anywhere since it forwards to my US mobile. It also provides me with a fax and a call answering service and the ability to manage this all via the internet or a small java application.

Honestly, I don't actually need all of these bells and whistles. What happened is that I used to have a free e-fax account. And the Terms of Use, which I have not read since I have owned the free e-fax number since 1999 says that I am only allowed 20 pages a month to keep the account free. This month, for the first time ever, I went over to 21 pages because someone had to re-send two faxes seperate faxes that were only partially transmitted.

However, rather than give a warning period, e-fax was adamant that the only way to keep my free number was in fact to pay for it at 12.95 a month. Or I could get a unifed telecom package with Ring Central for 9.95a month. If e-fax had been a little more reasonable in their response (they basically yelled at me in e-mail), I would have gladly considered paying the monthly charge as loads of people have my personal fax number. But with their attitude, it made keeping the number impossible. So they lost me as a customer.

And I must say that I am pretty pleased with how it is all going. I can have up to 4 extensions. And the service puts you on hold whilst i decide whether or not to take your call.

Too bad I hardly ever use my US mobile phone for actually calling people. But hey, at least I got the faxing out of it. Yay pour moi.
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