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Amsterdam In Review

This is going to be a kind of long post -- especially since it has been a long time since I posted and I have to lot say :-)

The Overview
Well it all began in late December, when I decided that since I was getting no New Year's Eve invites - that I would treat myself to a New Year's Eve in Amsterdam. But I can't really credit myself for the idea...the idea was actually from Max. So we decided to work together to organise flights and stay in the same hotel room to take advantage of cost savings. We managed to get cheap flights with KLM (my flights were actually really cheap because I used Northwest Airlines frequent flier miles since I had to get rid of the miles. We settled on the Marriott Hotel because I was able to get the corporate rate which was super cheap and the hotel is right in the middle of where we want to be.

So a few days before departure, I also got some wonderful news that my friend Jason was heading to considering heading to Europe and just wanted to see what was up. So once I told him that I was coming to Amsterdam, he made plans as well. That was a really cool thing because he is a good friend and I hadn't seen him in a really long time!

So we get to Amsterdam on Friday afternoon. We spend 2 hours looking for booze for the weekend. And just when I thought that I knew everything about Amsterdam including the fact that I thought that all of the alcohol stores would be closed, Robin was determined to find a place and his persistence paid off -- he and Max managed to find a store open on New Year's Even when all of the others were closed.

We get back to the hotel - after stopping at New York Pizza to begin our binging and sinning experience on a really naughty note. After we get back to the hotel, I call Jason and we agree to meet him up in the executive lounge. Meeting Jason was nice, and after a few minutes, it prompted me to call Rich, another one of my friends whom I haven't seen in a long time. So after leaving Jason to chat with Robin and Max for a bit, I came back and jumped into the conversation. Luckily, Jason didn't tell all of my dirty secrets *LOL*

Anyway, fast forward to later in the night...Max decides we need to go to the XL club to celebrate New Year. The only problem is that we didn't get tickets and it was sold out. The lady tried to direct us to another club, but it turns out that the other club was absolutely shitty. SO Max rightly protested and decided that we should go to Escape. Escape was a nice place and I am glad that Max and Robin was so insistent that we not go to the place that the XL host recommended. That made me 2 for 2 in the wrong decision department. We all got home around 06.30. So that was a normal night for the Sweden contingent :) Well actually Jason was drunk due to jet-lag, so we dropped him off at home and then went to another sketchy club. It was ok enough...must go back soon.

We sleep in most of the day. We were awakened by the knock of Jason on our hotel room door. He had brought pizza which was really sweet of him. It went well with the vodka redbull and screwdrivers we were having as our recovery breakfast. Everything hurt. But the grand prize of today was our dinner on the Supper Club Cruise. We made a really good night of that place. The host - who we called Cruella de Ville - was absolutely awesome and fantastic! Our servers were really nice. Max and I were dancing on the stage, people were doing a congo line around the beds. We got vouchers to go visit the Supper Club on land afterwards for a complimentary drink. It was so much fun I didn't want it to end. But end it did. So we ended up at Exit and danced until closing. Then we tried to go to a few other places afterwards but everything was closed. Then a little bit later we went on home and called it another cool night. I had much more fun on this night than on the previous night.

Again, we wake up to the sound of Jason knocking on the door at 13.50 (1:50pm). We had gotten a checkout until 2pm, so at first we were worried. But Jason informed us that the lobby was quite packed, so then we took our time. Enjoyed some pre-check out beverages, got showered and changed. Robin, as he does on every trip, tripple checked the hotel room to make sure everything was accounted for. Which it was. So we were all lagging behind, but managed to check out, drag ourselves out onto the town to do some shopping, which translated into eat french fries followed by KFC. Stumbling around in the cold and the shop eventually forced us to hurry back to the hotel to get our things and to stop by Jason's room for a final relax period. So eventually we said goodbye to Jason (I do wish he and I had more time to talk...I will have to pay a visit down to Orlando), and caught the tram to catch the train to the airport. We made it in plenty of time...especially because the flight was delayed. But no worries readers, we had Bloody Mary's at the airport bar whilst we waited. Eventually, we landed back into Stockholm at 11pm. We were supposed to go home, shower, change, and meet up at Patricia to party the night away, but we were tired and going home to be content with the weekend was a perfect way to end a fantastic weekend.

The pictures are here:
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