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I'm A Solid Contributor

I just had my performance evaluation today. In IBM land, the rating scheme is

1 - Extraordinary
2+ - Above Average
2 - Average / Solid Contributor
3 - Below Average
4 - You're A Dumb-Ass

This year, I was rated a 2 - solid contributor. While I would maybe have liked to have received a 2+ rating, I can accept the 2 rating because I partied really hard in 2004 and took the focus away from working hard to balacing work and life, which has come to mean not so many 65 hour weeks (although plenty of cancelled vacations and such). So I am content with the Average rating because I was not willing to do more.

In 2005, so far, this will be different. I must over-achieve because technically my assignment is coming to an end and I need to show that I am worth the money (I know I am, but they need to believe that I am and not just feel that I am).

I said that 2005 would be a year of changes...I will make it so! ;-)
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