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Sad Evening...

I left my noise-cancelling headphones and iPod on the flight from Stockholm to Helsinki this evening. SAS told me that if the items are found, they will let me know.

First and foremost, I will angry if they are not found. The plane was taken away to be cleaned. I was one of the last people off the plane, and they said that the plane was taken out of service for the evening. So if they actually "lost" the iPod, even though we all know it's in the seatback pocket of the seat I had on an almost empty plane (45 total passengers), it would only be the cleaners and maintenance staff who would have stolen it.

They gave me a number to call tomorrow morning after 9am. The phone agent didn't seem to care...or rather, seemed to think that it was my problem and that they had no responsibility. So I asked her can I file a report. She said they don't take any reports. "Fuck that" (direct quote) I replied. I told her that if nothing came in tomorrow morning, that I was going to file a stolen property report at the Helsinki Airport police station.

Maybe it's just me, but I tend to think that them not even filing a report means that they are trying to rely on the Conditions of Carriage. However, I think that since local employees of the airline and airport are handling material, that they are subject to local Finnish law, and I just want to test the waters on just how responsible the airline is for the actions of its employees (if they don't bring back the iPod).

All things considered, I don't actually really care about the noise-cancelling headphones -- I've been eyeing the next generation of Bose Noise-Cancelling headphones which are lighter and block out even more noise (even though the first generation headphones are fantastic, they are beat up after so many years of travel). The iPod will bother me quite a bit, because if I have to buy a new iPod, it means that is $400 less that I have for Australia. And there is no way I will travel to Australia without a MP3 player. That's too much time in the airport to be entertained by just the in-flight entertainment.

All of this, and I didn't eat on the plane assuming I could eat at the hotel, but it was too late to get food anywhere. So I had crisps for dinner. And some drinks from the mini-bar. At least the hotel gives me €17/day to spend however I want (since I am Hilton Diamond-level frequent guest). And I guess I will be right on time for breakfast tomorrow.

Anyway, we'll see how it works out. It's been a shitty weekend. But I have got to keep smiling. Otherwise, I'd burst out into tears.
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